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What are the benefits of choosing an intensive Economics and Business course at summer school?

For international teens with an advanced level of English (B2-C2), attending a traditional summer camp in England may not be the right option. They might be considering a future business career, but are still unsure what they want to study at university. On our Pre-University programme at Winchester, students aged 15-17 select one Major and one Minor subject per week for a total of 22.5 hours and learn from specialists. Students can choose from a range of subjects including Economics & Business, STEM, International Relations, Debating, Film Making, and Technology & AI. No prior knowledge is required and lessons are interactive and skills-based so international teenagers can build on an existing interest or try something new. They can also choose IELTS preparation and then take the IELTS exam.

Students do all of this whilst studying in the beautiful, historic city of Winchester and living and studying with like-minded, ambitious young people in a traditional English boarding school. The summer school is open from Friday 5 July to Friday 2 August with 2, 3 or 4 week options.

What’s included in the Economics & Business course?

The Economics & Business curriculum is designed to provide teenagers aged 15-17 with invaluable skills and knowledge that not only prepare them for competitive university applications but also empower them to succeed in the business world. The course explores important economic theory while ensuring students gain hands-on experience through engaging projects. Participants develop a rich set of knowledge and gain a head start in their academic and professional journey. 

2024 sample projects

Economic Policy Analysis Blog: students create vlogs to analyse and discuss current economic policies, trends, and events worldwide. This not only expands their news literacy but also drives their ability to communicate complex ideas effectively—a crucial skill in the modern business landscape. 

Market Analysis and Strategy Development:  students select a market, like the smartphone industry, and apply microeconomic concepts to conduct a thorough analysis. They explore market structures, supply and demand dynamics, and consumer behaviour patterns. By devising strategies for businesses in this market, including pricing, product differentiation, and digital marketing tactics, teens develop critical thinking abilities and understand the practical application of economic theories. 

Impact Investing Portfolio: students create mock investment portfolios focused on impact investing. By researching and selecting companies or funds that address global challenges such as renewable energy or education, participants learn about ethical investing while making informed decisions based on economic principles. 

Why choose Discovery Summer?

Listed as one of the leading residential summer camps in the UK, a unique feature is the balanced international mix so students learn how to collaborate in multinational teams and learn from others while always speaking English.  They also mix with English teenagers – our “English Student Hosts” – who help them learn about British history, traditions and popular culture. All this provides a unique opportunity for students to forge connections, build friendships, and cultivate a global perspective. 

Alternative residential summer camps at Winchester

Another option at this historic boarding school is the Global Young Leaders Programme  –  a blended programme of English Skills, STEM, Young Entrepreneur and Presentation Skills. We accept teens aged 13-16 with a B1-C1 (Upper-intermediate-Advanced) level of English. 

For teenagers looking for a summer boarding course where they can build their confidence in English, we offer the English & Multi-Activity programme for 13-16 year-olds with an elementary to advanced level.  

All three programmes combine countless opportunities for learning English at one of the best English summer boarding schools and enjoying a wide range of activities and an exciting excursion programme.

Next steps:

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