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Why should you study coding at a UK summer school?

Are you ready to explore the world of coding, robotics, and game design? Look no further than our exciting Coding & Tech Academy at Shrewsbury, where international students aged 11-16 can develop essential tech skills whilst building confidence in English.

Learning the Fundamentals with Raspberry Pi

At the heart of this experience is the powerful Raspberry Pi (4), a credit-card-sized computer that opens the door to endless possibilities. At our Coding & Tech Academy, 4 mornings a week (12 hours) are spent working on interactive projects that cover the fundamental aspects of code, robotics, and game design. Regardless of your skill level, from beginners to advanced coders, there’s a programme to suit your needs.

Turtle Graphics – Beginner Level: Unleash Your Creativity

For beginners, the journey starts with Turtle Graphics, a module in Python. Imagine creating vibrant animations while grasping the foundational concepts of block programming. This engaging approach ensures that even newcomers to coding feel inspired and excited as they navigate the world of Python’s Turtle module.

Robotic Arms – Beginner/Intermediate Level: Building the Future

Move on to the next level with Robotic Arms, a course designed for both beginners and intermediate learners. Using robotics equipment, students delve into the principles of mechanical design, electronics, and sensor integration. Assemble mechanical components, programme sensors, and apply JavaScript programming skills to breathe life into your very own robotic creation.

Smart Mirror – Intermediate/Advanced Level: Reflecting Innovation

Build a smart mirror with customizable widgets that display time, date, weather, and news updates, and impress your friends. This intermediate to advanced level project encourages innovation; providing a platform for students to showcase their creativity and technical ability.

Home Security Systems – Advanced Level: Safeguarding the Future

Our most advanced students can try building a Home Security system. Learn about software development, hardware integration, and cybersecurity. Utilising Python, students will explore the details of building a home security system, a valuable skill in our increasingly digital world.

The world of technology moves fast so the ability to research, problem-solve and experiment are perhaps the most important skills you will take away from the Shrewsbury Coding & Tech Academy.

Why choose this summer school?

Beyond the engaging coding projects, this UK summer school offers an environment that nurtures creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving. English classes are offered for 15 hours a week in the afternoons at elementary to advanced level so you can develop core skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. Our creative teachers ensure classes are lively, interactive and fun. You’ll be mixing with international students from many other countries as well as English speakers of your own age – our English Student Hosts

Moreover, the picturesque setting of Shrewsbury – a traditional market town in the north-west of England – provides a backdrop for a truly unforgettable summer experience. Explore the rich history, culture, and charm of this unique part of England at a traditional boarding school in a large, green campus with outstanding sports facilities. 

You can even combine the Coding & Tech Academy with our English Academy or Sports/Dance Academy – so that you have a new experience each week. 

So, whether you’re a budding coder or a tech enthusiast, this English language summer school in the UK promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of coding and tech. Unleash your potential, make new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime as you navigate the exciting challenges of Raspberry Pi, Turtle Graphics, Robotic Arms, Smart Mirrors, and Home Security Systems. The future of technology is in your hands – are you ready to seize it?

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